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WebdesignWebdesign - Colorrage

  ColorRage started as Romanian group of talented freelance designers and programmers that has to offer professional web services. They now form the Webdesign and Programming department of the company Rage Solutions.
    Today, a prosperous business needs representation in all categories. One of the most important is the internet. A consistent presence on the internet can lead to a significant growth in the number of clients from a significantly larger geographical area, reaching to a global level. Following this idea, our purpose is to help you develop your business through the internet.

  We believe in our slogan "simplicity with style", and we respect it in all our projects, which always has positive effect on our clients.

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WebHosting - RageHosting

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Networking - RageNetworking

  Rage Networking is a department of the company Rage Solutions that offers computer networking services.

The IT network is the backbone of any modern company. That is way the need for a quick, safe and appropriate network has become one of the main requests at the moment.Our firm offers you the possibility of implementing your company's IT network based on safe, fast and price - convenient software.

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